What is Safe Water

17th December 2015

Safe Water™ is a patented pending formula, designed to sanitise and purify water from any water source. The owners of the Safe Water™ formula have taken 3 important factors in mind during the development process:

  • Effectiveness,
  • Affordability and
  • Zero Chlorine.

Existing chlorine products cannot compete with Safe Water™ in destroying E.coli when applied, in the same mass per volume. Non-chlorine Safe Water™ is superior to chlorine products.

Safe Water™ is available in 2 options, a non-chlorine powder and non-chlorine tablet. Both products have been tested extensively by top SANAS accredited laboratories with astonishing results. Tests were done in other countries as well, always with great results in destroying E.coli.

The Directors of Safe Water Global (Pty) Ltd continuously investigate possible improvements on an already remarkable formula. Regular interactions with world renowned scientists by Safe Water Global, ensures that Safe Water™ products will always be a step ahead in developing and improving non-chlorine water sanitation products.

Responsible companies and Governments are moving away from chlorinated water sanitation processes. We are proud to say that Safe Water Global is one of the leaders in providing non-chlorine water sanitation solutions globally.