Rural Purifying Procedure (Safe Water Tablets)

7th December 2015

Safe Water
is packed in a blister which holds 10 Tablets. One Tablet can purify contaminated water in quantities of 1 litre. If less water is used than the said 1 litre, the potent formula of Safe Water could leave the water with a murky white colour. The murky whiteness will dissolve and disappear in time and, it is not harmful for the person or animal drinking that purified water.
It is however important to note that for the optimum efficiency of the Safe Water Tablet to work, the indicated 1 litre water is applicable. Any bucket or bottle can be used to purify contaminated water with the 1lt Safe Water Tablet.


1) Always make sure that the bottle or bucket is clean from any leaves, stones, grass, sticks and mud.
2) Rinse the bottle or bucket with water.
3) Fill the bottle or bucket with water.
4) Press the Safe Water Tablet out of the blister and place it into the contaminated water.
5) Shake the bottle for 10 seconds or stir the bucket for 10 seconds. The Safe Water Tablet will dissolve and start its process of purification.
6) The water will now be safe for drinking as all harmful bacteria and virusses will be killed.
7) If required by the individual; leave the water in the bottle or bucket for 40 minutes for clarity and visibility of the water. It is important to know that the effectiveness of the flocculant in Safe Water products depends on the Ph of the water and this will influence the period it takes for non-settling solids to precipitate. This waiting process will allow the flocculant to precipitate all non-settling solids to the bottom.
8) At the bottom of the bottle or bucket you will see the dirt (solids) that has been separated from the clean water above it.
9) Use a clean cloth or skirt or shirt to separate the clear clean water from the dirt at the bottom of the bottle or bucket.

Safe Water can confirm that water which is purified and sanitised by Safe Water Tablet, remains safe to use for 72 hours.