About us

7th November 2015
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Safe Water Global (Pty) Ltd  is a company that focus on green solutions to humanitarian diseases. The need for safe drinking water has become the number one need in rural Africa. Waterborne diseases are also now the major killer of children under the age of 5 in rural Africa and kills a disastrous 1.8 million children a year. This threat now unfortunately became a crisis in towns and cities globally as well. Recent tests done by Safe Water Global (Pty) Ltd and some of our Associates in Africa has found that water freely used in major cities and towns, are highly and life threateningly infected with E.coli, Salmonella and Shigella. Safe Water™ only contains a 3.5g powder, kills bacteria and virusses up to a level up to 600 000 pp/100ml, within minutes. A mere 300 pp/100ml is dangerous to a human being. It is the only non-chlorine ‘point-of-use’ water purifying and sanitising product currently available in the world. As an example (with our 3.5g sachet) – 25 litres of highly contaminated water can be successfully purified and you will have SAFE WATER, EVERY TIME.

Our aim is not to cure infected people but, preventing people from getting infected.