5th December 2015

Sachet (1)Safe Water™
Sachet contains 3.5 grams of powder which destroys deadly waterborne bacteria on the highest levels.

Safe Water™ is a combination of inorganic compounds, cationic powders and a sulphate. Two of the ingredients are oxidisers with both powerful disinfection characteristics.

The polymer is highly effective in water treatment and the exact scientific combination of these products make up Safe Water™, the superior 0 % chlorine ‘point-of- use’ water purification product, known to the world.

It is a powerful disinfector, purificant and oxidiser and above all contains no dangerous chemicals. A mere 3.5g purifies and sanitises 20-25 litres of highly contaminated water that is infected with E.coli, Salmonella and Shigella every time.

With our product you will prevent cholera and the deaths caused by cholera. By using Safe Water™ you will form part of a concerned group, who will save millions of people worldwide.