Lab Tests

9th November 2015



Please note:

Some of the following tests were conducted on standard water, which already contains traces of chlorine as specified in test results. Safe Water™ does not contain any chlorine and therefor does not add any additional chlorine. Safe Water™ was developed to destroy harmful bacteria in a non-chlorine environment, but with the added benefit of also destroying these pathogens in a chlorine environment.


Lab results can be viewed & provided upon request.

Waterlab Certificate of Analysis 30 June 2018
CSIR eColi November 2017
CSIR eColi January 2017
UIS Organic Lab Test July 2016
UIS Organic Lab Test 2016
Waterlab Test 2015
CSIR Test E.Coli Controlled
Zimbabwe, Dept of Health
Aquatico 24594 Test
Aquatico 24050 Test
Mozambique Water Test